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Retro Fabric Needle Book - 'Sprigs & Twigs' Collection

Retro Fabric Needle Book - 'Sprigs & Twigs' Collection


**NEW DROP** - planned for Jun '24

A limited-edition collection of needle books featuring foilage themed vintage fabrics by Liberty, William Morris & Co. and other similar designers.


Do you ever find yourself rummaging around searching for a needle at the bottom of your sewing basket? When you eventually find one do you ever wonder: 'what type of needle is this'?


Well, if you shouted 'Yes!', then this is a must have item for you to add to your mending toolkit!


These one-of-a-kind needle books help to keep all your sewing kit essentials in one place and have a definite 'mending' vibe.


Designed in collaboration with Mel from Aquila Crafts - each book is lovingly handmade using vintage and reclaimed fabric scraps including: antique embroidered linen, retro curtains and repurposed jeans, and stitched by Mel on her vintage Singer sewing machine.


Each book contains 8 wool pages to store your needles with pretty hand-stamped labels to help you separate them by type. We've also even added a little page for pins and a spare page for other needles.


At the front and back you'll find a pocket for keeping smaller sewing tools like your favourite pair of scissors, fabric marker or a card of thread.


The books are closed with a simple magnetic catch hidden in the fabric clasp so no fiddly buttons or snaps to contend with!



(all measurements are approximate as these are all handmade and therefore vary in size)

Height- 12cm

Width- 11.5cm

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